Friday, January 22, 2010

Freshed Up Front Porch

We have a gigantic porch.  It is fairly well protected from the weather and it is a whole lot of fun to decorate!  It was dressed to the nines for the holidays.  Once that got all put away, it was time for a simpler look.  I had lots of red pieces before.  Here it is looking quite patriotic. Whites and creams are calling my name these days.  Between the Barn House boys and Rachel Ashwell’s new Shabby Chic look influencing me, I am embracing neutrals more and more.

The shorter white table moved from inside the house to the outside.  I’m happy with how its’ shape pops against the grey wall and cement landing.

The rocker and bench went from red painted finishes to off white.  In the next post, I’ll show my favorite new product for smudging up the finish just right.

And my porch’s new look has come in very handy as a backdrop for shooting pictures of outdoor entertaining pieces I am including in the presentation for the Flower and Garden Show.  I have tried taking pictures on our open deck and found the weather challenging, if not darn right uncooperative.  One morning was clear but the wood deck was doubling as a skating rink.  Today we woke up to find it covered in fir needles and debris from a wind storm.

So yippee, for that nice, covered porch! -- Beth


Shell said...

Nice Beth! I'll have to show you my little sitting porch on this old house,,not the grand entrance of your home, but it's cozy!!!
Fun to redo things this time of year!

We have been lucky with GREAT weather in Western Washington this week-my bulbs are poppin'!


Carole said...

That is one fantastic porch. Something that's on my 'wish' list, along with a lot of other things that the previous owner let fall in to disrepair.

Artsy Fartsy Junkin Finds said...

Love the porch!! OMG it looks so darn clean! Hugs, Janna