Sunday, January 17, 2010

Clearing my Head

I walk five or six mornings a week.  It started as a way to exercise.  No fancy equipment needed or special outfits required other than something waterproof, and I can do it at the times I choose.  After a while, I realized how this ritual cleared my head.

Currently I walk the same route every day.  I have not experienced a labyrinth, where you walk in that spiral form for meditation.  But I think my routine has created a similar sense of calm.  Some days I start off being peeved about something or another.  Then I get distracted by listening to the birds or watching the clouds in the sky.  Once in a while, I forget my gloves, so my mind spends too much time being aware of freezing fingers.  Some days I get brilliant ideas.  More days than not, I can’t remember everything I thought about during my walk.  Those are the best walks.

Today as I returned home, blue skies emerged.  It had been an especially wonderful walk.  -- Beth


Jeannie said...

I've been walking for many years and it has the same effect on me. Sometimes I get a light bulb moment, but mostly I just remember what dog I petted, bird I saw, or squirrel I fed. I think of it as a nap for my brain. Have a great week.

Frenchee le Trip said...

Beautiful post! You're inspiring me this morning. You described it so well - walks magically turn into walking meditations. Just wish I didn't live in "La Zone Industrielle" - so I wouldn't have to include the car to get to the walk. Thanks for the inpsiration - you may just have started something here in Venelles.

Mermaids of the Lake said...

I walk too. I find it to be essential to both my body and my soul. Beautiful, peaceful pics of the scenery you enjoy. Thank you for sharing. I experienced news of great loss today (grandma) and my walking ritual is just what I need to begin the road through grief.

Mermaid Debbie


Walking is very good for us in so many ways, I do like walking in fair weather how-ever. It helped me on my road to getting rid of 72 pounds. I enjoyed your post. XO MARY

angel said...

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