Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Recycling Styrofoam

While reading Rob’s blog, I was happy to learn about a local resource that accepts styrofoam for recycling.  Styro Recycle, is located near the Renton Ikea and has drop off centers at Ikea and other locations.  Please visit their website for all the useful details.  They will take all those big pieces that are included as packaging, as well as the smaller peanuts.

I have had good luck donating my styrofoam peanuts to shipping businesses close to my home, like PostNet, for their use.  But it is great to know where those larger styrofoam pieces can be recycled.  And who doesn’t want to visit Ikea every now and then?! -- Beth

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Shell said...


That is GREAT to know!! I hate, hate hate thinking of that stuff going into landfill!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

What a gorgeous day we had for JANUARY in the PNW!!! I feel blessed!!!