Thursday, April 30, 2009

Salvage Studio Art Party Announcement!

Be the first on your block to register for the Salvage Studio Art Party to be held September 19, 2009! It will be an all day art retreat with three terrific workshops, goodie bags, give-a-ways, optional swaps, food treats and vendor night. We couldn’t be any happier with the location for the retreat – ArtWorks in downtown Edmonds. The three workshops are Junque Journals taught by one of our favorite local multi-media artists, Cindy Pestka; Charm Bracelets incorporating some bling, found objects and aquamarine goodness with Beth Evans-Ramos; and a Frou Frou Fabric Pin with Lisa Hilderbrand.

Registration is limited to the first 60 people to sign up. The cost is $145, with the price rising to $155 for registrations after July 1. If you would like a registration form click here or email Lisa and she will get one out to you. If you are interested in being a vendor (which is no additional cost to Art Party attendees), please indicate so on your registration form.

More information about the Salvage Studio Art Party will be available on our website. As we go along, we’ll be posting more enticing pictures along with additional info about the event and our fabulous sponsors.

Check out our first featured project for the Art Party.

Charm Bracelet

You’ll create your official Art Party charm bracelet with vintage beads and findings, semi-precious gems, pearls, found objects such as tax tokens, locker key tags, tree light bulbs, chandelier crystals and oodles more. Your kit will include a sterling silver chain bracelet and all the necessary findings. You’ll learn how to punch holes, stamp and texture metal, work with mica and lots of wire wrapping skills. For the advanced jewelry makers, we’ll throw in some extra twists and turns. For those new to jewelry making, never fear – you’ll be able to create a masterpiece. One of your charms will be a limited edition and dated Salvage Studio Art Party creation – sure to be the talk of the town!


September 19 promises to be a day filled with as much fun as possible! --Beth and Lisa

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

One of our Poster Girls

Tess is one of our favorite poster girls. Talk about a role model! Lisa and I took her out to lunch today to celebrate her upcoming 91st birthday. We met Tess in garden club a while back. She would pass me notes during the boring business meeting part. Those twinkling eyes have not dimmed a bit. She is headed to California and Nevada for a two week road trip to visit friends and family with her two sons and two of her granddaughters. If my sons want to spend two weeks in an RV with me when I am 91, I will know I have lived a blessed life too.

Power up at Estate Sales!

Look at this beauty! A grinder with two wheels – one finer and one coarser, that I found at an estate sale recently for $8. I was slow to catch on to how exciting and easy it is to work these convenient tools. But I am hooked now. The challenge is affording new acquisitions. I have always been a fan of hitting the garage and basements first at estate sales. I usually find the kind of “good junk” I like best there. And if it looks like the work bench area was beloved, I check it out. I found an outlet to test drive this grinder, and I even restrained myself from squealing with delight when it worked fine and dandy. --Beth

Monday, April 27, 2009


Here is a brosage - part brooch and part corsage – and our upcoming workshop for Saturday, May 2. Lisa and I had the best time making brosages last week! Don’t tell anyone, but we hide in my basement on Thursdays, and try to focus on creating things. We do some chores, especially if there is a deadline involved. But just like our regular lives, the chores never end. It is really working for us to schedule a day to create things together. Lots of business ideas get tossed around, decisions get made and dreams are spoken aloud. It is a wonderful new routine.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Party at PS Stores

Saturday morning at PS Stores doing our 5 Minute/$5 Gifts Go Green event was such fun! The room was packed with kindred souls – happy to learn you can tie packages with VCR tape. (Bust that plastic case open, and there is a big spool of semi-hip ribbon, sturdy enough to tie in knots, and it even curls when you want it to.) From a plaid bowling bowl bag to an empty margarita mix container – all enhanced with the green and sustainable products from PS Stores. Junk can look really good!
We really enjoy doing joint ventures with other businesses we admire. Cross marketing and collaboration – it’s a win/win for everyone. Working with PS Stores is a dream – everyone who works there is so darn pleasant. Lisa and I were treated like queens. Joan, the manager of the Seattle store, even tucked slices of Macrina’s lemon and sour cherry coffee cake into our bags as we were leaving. Literally leaving a good taste in our mouths!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

PS Stores-Here we come!

Here's a sneak peek at one of our show and tell examples for our upcoming 5 Minute/$5 Gifts Go Green presentation at PS Stores. We'll be at the Seattle store on Saturday, April 25 at 10:30 a.m. Please check the link on our sidebar for more info and call 206-762-0540 to register. There are a few spaces left.

What's on your ping pong table? Here are piles of recycled goodness for goodie bags, waiting to be packaged for everyone attending Saturday's demo at PS Stores.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

And the winner is....

...Linda in St. Louis, Missouri! She has two blogs...A Swap for all Seasons and Grace Filled Moments. Congratulations! Hope you enjoy the book!
And don't forget that we will be speaking on 5-Minute/$5 Gifts Go Green at PS-Stores this Saturday at 10:30. Click here to see how to register. Beth and I are putting together the goodie bags for attendees tomorrow. One of our favorite chores of the week!
Once again, thank you to all who entered the Earth Day Giveaway and we hope to continue to see you in Blog-land!
“Trash is the failure of the imagination.”
Aaron Kramer, trash-based artist

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Earth Day Giveaway!

photo by kate baldwin

In honor of Earth Day, April 22, we will be giving away a copy of our book, The Salvage Studio: Sustainable Home Comforts to Organize, Entertain and Inspire.

For each comment you leave on our blog (make sure we have your contact info) you will receive a chance and if you post about our Giveaway on your blog with a link (and let us know about it) you will get another chance.

For the re-purposing crowd, Earth Day is like one of our high holy days. Let's celebrate!

We will announce the winner on our blog on Earth Day and the cut off time to earn chances will be 11:59 PM, 4/21 PST.

And if you feel the need to guarantee you get a copy of the book, you can click our our book link and order your very own copy!

Good luck!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Another Room Transformed

It all started with receiving this beautiful wreath made by Linda aka Luluz.
I knew this bedroom needed to be filled with cream and this shade of blue.
Here are some before shots.

I actually liked the existing pinecone stenciling when we moved into our house 12 years ago.
My decorating tastes have changed a lot in the meantime.

Too much stuff! Time to edit.

The paper garland was the perfect thing to go over my bed. I have a big girl-crush on Pam Garrison and everything she creates. She borrowed the garland idea from Anthropologie.

Here is a closer look at the garland. Lisa and I will be teaching a workshop on paper garlands at Bountiful Home on June 20.

I gathered five of my favorite floral pictures, and rescued Aunt Iris' chair from a closet.

Still to do - painting this bedroom set a chippy, cream. But that involves emptying drawers and way too many decisions for now. Instead, I'll focus on how much calmer I feel in this room now. -- Beth

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring/Summer 2009 Workshops and Events

April 18
Tassels Workshop $40
10 am—Noon
at Bountiful Home, 122 4th Ave S, Edmonds

Using a found object such as a vintage salt shaker as the cap, we will artfully attach pieces of ribbon, strips of fabric, lovely fibers, and other treasures like a chandelier crystal, beads and buttons to create a terrific tassel.

April 25
5 Minute/$5 Gifts — Go Green
At PS-Stores, 515 S Michigan St, Seattle

Beth & Lisa will show some new ideas for quick, inexpensive and fun gifts at PS Stores (previously Packaging Specialties) in Seattle. Using green and sustainable products from PS Stores, along with thrift store gems and secrets of our re-use philosophy, we will inspire you to create your own stylish gifts.

Advance registration is necessary. A $10.00 fee is due at the time of registration; you will receive a 15% discount off purchases on the day of the event and a $10.00 voucher for store merchandise. Visit their website or phone 206-762-0540 to register and for more information.

May 2
Brosages Workshop $40
10 am—Noon
at Bountiful Home, 122 4th Ave S, Edmonds

Part brooch and part corsage! We’ll combine tuffets of lace, velvet-wrapped twigs, vintage buttons, snippets of ribbon and other vintage bits of finery. You’ll leave with a flouncy and fun accessory to adorn your lapel, hat or favorite bag.

May 23
Garden Art Festival
10 am—6pm
at Bountiful Home, 122 4th Ave S, Edmonds
Discover garden art and garden-themed decor and gifts transformed from recycled and rescued remnants.

June 6 & 7
Farm Chicks Sale, Spokane County Fair and Expo Center, 404 N. Havana Street, Spokane Valley, WA

June 20
Garlands Workshop $40
10 am—Noon
at Bountiful Home, 122 4th Ave S, Edmonds

Strung in groupings on simple twine, a lovely array of paper circles cut from vintage sheet music, French book pages and phone book pages combined with everyday coffee filters, become a striking and fanciful garland.

July 18
Charms II Workshop $40
10 am—Noon
at Bountiful Home, 122 4th Ave S, Edmonds

We have designed some new charms for this workshop. Create lovely items from our lovely items.

To register for our workshops held at Bountiful Home, please email Lisa at

Spring Workshops Kickoff

Our spring workshops begin on Saturday, April 18 with Tassels. We'll use a salt shaker or in this example, a pomander for the top. The fringe is pieces of ribbon, strips of saris, fabric, yarns, strings with buttons attached and tulle. Mother of pearl buttons and wire make the hanger, with a crystal chandelier drop included for some more bling.

Click here for more information including how to register.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Photo Shoot Payback

We asked our artgirl friends, Kathy and Julie, to take a picture of us for our blog and website. Julie is a professional photographer. A couple of months ago she had this powerful photo show. Kathy is a gifted photographer as well, and showed she could bounce or block light with the best of them. Lisa and I were cooperative (and grateful) subjects. After our photo session, we decided to turn the tables on them!

"Beth does not look like Demi Moore in this light!"

We're looking forward to sharing our new "portrait" one day soon. Thanks
very much to our friends for the gifts of their time and talents.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Beth's Bathroom

A month or two ago, our friend Micah painted this room, and unpainted the counter tiles. I've been puttering with this room ever since. Other than creating some sort of small clock for one wall, I am calling it good. This dresser is from my childhood, and looks just fine resting on the original tiles. (Thanks Linda for that perfect aquamarine box!)

I'm not missing this stenciling.

An especially swell window and $3 painting from the Everett Puget Park Drive-In Swap Meet grace these walls now. I hung a rhinestone pin where one of the window panes is missing its glass.
The second sink stays filled with water for our kitties. They feel regular bowls of water are for losers! For my upcoming birthday, I have requested simple, less shiny faucet fixtures. I'm sure the REStore will find a good home for these brassy ones.

Painting the towel holders instead of replacing them was simple.

Here is a work-in-progress shot of all the hardware I painted white.

Three hand-crafted gems hang from this door hanger. Our customer friend, Jenifer, made each of us one of these splendid tassels with all the best shades of blue.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Farm Chicks or Bust

Mark your calendars for one of the best shows of the year!

The Farm Chicks Show, June 6 & 7, Spokane County Fair & Expo Center

We are thrilled to be vendors at this show. It’s going to be tons of fun!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Oh No! What Happened to Raoul's Parking Spot?

It was a sad day last week when I started putting Studio inventory in my hubby Raoul's parking spot in our garage. It is just a temporary situation.
(Don't all hoarders say the same darn thing I bet!) He knew the moment was coming, and was and is such a good sport about it. Remember this happy day?

Today I started unpacking our loot on our kitchen counter. So many things will be perfect for our booth at the Farm Chicks sale in June. Some will go to Bountiful Home for our Garden Art Festival there May 23. And some things will wait. But they will wait in our basement. I'll let you know the moment that cute red car of his fits back inside the garage. --Beth