Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring is in the Air!

There has been the slightest increase in outside temperature…and the calendar does say March, so I am hoping that spring is on its way. Have been out in the garden, sprucing things up. Our concrete birdbath suffered a casualty this winter – the basin cracked. Since we love attracting birds to our yard, I needed to find a substitute. Putting on my salvage studio thinking cap, I found a galvanized pan to be perfect – and it was in my pile of stuff in the basement that I was clawing through to weed out – it was very serendipitous! Come summer when the weather is warmer, my sister may mosaic the outside or maybe we’ll paint it so it blends better with the base- but the birds are much happier now to have water!

We also have a new garden trellis in the back corner of the garden – courtesy of our next door neighbor who is remodeling his house and had taken off the front porch railing and replaced it with a wood railing. His wife thought we were crazy when my sister Stacey and I hauled it to our back garden, but once she saw it in place, she agreed that it was quite cute.

Looking around the garden, I snapped a few other photos to demonstrate that garden art can be anything that adds wit and whimsy to your foliage. The metal “flowers” hanging on the fence are made from solitary trash can and pot covers embellished with found odds and ends. The plastic birds with flower frogs entice real birds to the yard. And the sentiment on a metal locker door propped up in the side garden sums it all up. I can't wait for warmer weather! -- Amy

Monday, March 3, 2008


We are in the March issue of Sunset Magazine. What fun! You too can be an eco-artist by participating in our Think Green Event. (see post from February 14 for more information)