Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Power up at Estate Sales!

Look at this beauty! A grinder with two wheels – one finer and one coarser, that I found at an estate sale recently for $8. I was slow to catch on to how exciting and easy it is to work these convenient tools. But I am hooked now. The challenge is affording new acquisitions. I have always been a fan of hitting the garage and basements first at estate sales. I usually find the kind of “good junk” I like best there. And if it looks like the work bench area was beloved, I check it out. I found an outlet to test drive this grinder, and I even restrained myself from squealing with delight when it worked fine and dandy. --Beth


Denise said...

My husband is jealous of your find!!


Funky Junk Sisters said...

It is so fun to find that Funky Junk!!!

Hey girls you should consider doing a book signing at our show in Puyallup!!! Everyone there would just love it. Seriously!!!!
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Linda & Dixie
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