Wednesday, April 29, 2009

One of our Poster Girls

Tess is one of our favorite poster girls. Talk about a role model! Lisa and I took her out to lunch today to celebrate her upcoming 91st birthday. We met Tess in garden club a while back. She would pass me notes during the boring business meeting part. Those twinkling eyes have not dimmed a bit. She is headed to California and Nevada for a two week road trip to visit friends and family with her two sons and two of her granddaughters. If my sons want to spend two weeks in an RV with me when I am 91, I will know I have lived a blessed life too.

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Funky Junk Sisters said...

Wow! No kidding, I am not sure my three sons would want to spend time with me in an RV. Wait a minute, they might if I picked up the tab for everything!

Funky Junk Sister #2