Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Garage Victory!

Garage today

This represents hope for junkers everywhere. Today my hubby Raoul was able to park his car in our garage!

Garage in May

Back in May, I challenged myself to get my messy garage dejunked enough to at least get my husband's car inside before late fall, when it starts freezing again. I pecked away at it all summer - working with some of the problem-children-pieces-of-furniture one at a time. Every week I would try to get at least one thing fixed and painted, so it could be ready for the studio. The REStore came in June and picked up some cabinets and doors. I gave some things away. And this morning, I realized with a little shoving around of this and that, I had room for his car. I called him at work and asked him to give me a call just as he was nearing our neighborhood on his way home.

After his call, I waited in the driveway and waved the garage remote opener to him as he drove up. Doesn't he look happy!

There he is pulling his car into the garage. He even stopped to give me a thumbs up.
Now I want to park my car inside too. Stay tuned. -- Beth


DivaDeb said...

Ok well, ladies, let the guilt begin!!!

Honestly, I didn't know that garages were for CARS...I thought they were for a workshop and a paint area and stacks of boxes and piles of stuff needing a facelift! ;0)

I've given you a blog award - come visit my blog and see!

Deb said...

Awesome! I am sooo impressed!!! I can see such a difference!!!

Senor Ramos said...
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MOMO said...


Pops can fit the car in the garage!! That gives me something to look forward to when we come back for Christmas. Just seeing the car in the garage is worth coming back, forget about Christmas!!

momo (beth's son)