Saturday, September 13, 2008

Organizing Event Highlights

We shared the before pictures of our annual organizing event. Here are some of the after shots.

Shelves working while standing up.

Sewing vignette.

Vintage iron stands are now standing message boards. A masher with a clip is now a picture holder.

Paper roll holders from mystery objects.

A wire brush holds pictures well, while a metal thingamajig dispenses twine.

Here's a striking collection from Amy's "black and white and read all over" display.

What a great combination.

We now have our book for sale at the studio! With all three of us at the studio today, we began autographing copies we sold. Our next autograph party will be Oct. 4 at 2 p.m. But of course, you can buy books any Friday or Saturday before then.

Thanks to all our customer friends who visited us today!


beachdreamer said...

Saturday was my first visit to your wonderful store! And I was thrilled to be able to purchase your book AND have it autographed! Possibly this is the first book to be in Iowa? LOVE IT!!!

Jeri said...

Saturday was my first visit to the shop, too. You girls are fun-ny! I stayed there way too long, fearing I'd miss something hidden behind something if I left too soon. I dug deep, and think I saw everything that there was to be seen. I signed up for the charm class.

See you next Saturday!

beth, lisa and amy said...

hi beachdreamer and jeri...

it was lovely to meet both of you last saturday...thanks for helping make it a super-fun day. -- Lisa

Kelsey said...

Beth, Lisa and Amy --

I can't tell you how welcome I feel whenever I come into your store. You three are so wonderfully fun and energetic. You'll be seeing me again very soon!!!


p.s. The charms class was so much fun!! My only regret is that I had to leave early (and by early I mean two hours after the class was supposed to end...)

Jeri said...

Oh yes, the charm class. What a treat! I was an empty slate of when I got there, but all the ladies there spoon fed me ideas (OK, I stole some ideas) You were so helpful with everything, from the loopy loops to the twistys, to the feedback you gave. And everyone there was so encouraging and kind. It's probably a good thing for my home life that you are only open two days, because I'd be there way too much otherwise. I could just sit back and watch the entertainment!

Kim Carney said...

it all looks dreamy!

My newest two purchases from you on Saturday ... vase and type. Thank you!

Christine Lynn said...

Shhheeesh...just when I was getting good at de cluttering my house I see you guys on here...pffft! Love what you guys do with can I bring myself to throw anything away again!? I will have visit your studio...I see you are in Edmonds, I'm in Kent.