Monday, September 29, 2008

Bountiful Junk

While visiting us in Edmonds be sure to pop into town to visit the many other fun and funky shops. One of our favorites is Bountiful Home; owned and operated by Todd Waddell. He has reinvented the former 'Weed Lady' store with elegant and everchanging displays, panache and a touch of junk.

I am speaking of his delicious junk fence. Since he opened the store he has been scrounging, planning and building this junk fence that include a few items from the salvage studio.

Bottle edging

Metal lamp shade turned into rusty thing that killed Todd's lawn mower

Hops on bedsprings...maybe that is where the beer bottle edging came from?

Mirrors are lovely in the garden

An incorporated window frame adds whimsy and sparkle

Mix up odds and ends of metal, wood and glass for a terrific look.
Love the fence, Todd! -- Lisa


DivaDeb said...

Todd is BRILLIANT at visual merchandising... from his former gig styling all of the Ravenna Gardens stores to Bountiful, this guy has got the touch. Absolutely inspiring! I just wish the store were bigger so we could see more of his magic!

Kim said...

Ooh, I love the junk fence... and your blog! I just discovered it and will definitely return. Thanks for being such a source of inspiration! said...

What a cool fence!!