Monday, September 22, 2008

Charms, Charms, Charms

Our most popular workshop to date is Charms. Whenever we offer it, it fills quickly, and with really great people. Lisa and I start by showing same samples and offering some instructions. Then we let everyone loose to start collecting their components. We bring oodles of supplies, and are always surprised with the new combinations people create. I joke that we lure them into the studio with a few samples of things, and then gather all sorts of new ideas while we watch the energy escalate.

Here is Barbara flattening a bottle cap.

She had great success as she visualized some challenging people from her past on the top of each cap she smashed. Look at that grin on her face!
This workshop was still cooking at noon, after two hours. We had two Dremels going - one drilling and one sanding. Eventually the party ended. It was a good one! -- Beth

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