Monday, September 15, 2008

Out and About

Doug and I were on a Sunday drive yesterday and I said, "Hey, let's stop by Barnes and Noble and see if our salvage studio book is on the shelves yet."

Look what we found! Well, we may not have found it exactly in that spot but that is where it ended up after we pulled it off the shelf and looked at it!

There was only one in the store. I hope that means they have been flying out the door.

We didn't have such luck at the other bookstore that begins with a 'B'. I will keep checking and write about them when the time comes. No pressure. -- Lisa

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Thrifty Miss Priss said...

oh my goodness! I just clicked on your link from another blog because I SAW THIS BOOK TONIGHT! I really really wanted it but I had to exercise some self control. I was drooling over every page and even saw a few things that made me smile....the little rusty white fence from an old forgotten garden...well I found one in my bushes and rescued husband said "you've GOT TO BE KIDDING ME" and that was the very moment that he thinks I crossed the line!
Asking for your book for Christmas! I CAN'T BELIEVE i found your blog just by following a comment you left!