Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I Love Your Blog Award

We were so happy to receive this award from Deb at Hummadeedledee. She is a force of nature in the blogging world, keeping oodles of blogs fresh, picture filled and brimming with good ideas!

Now we would like to nominate seven blogs that we enjoy and hope that you will visit as well. In no particular order, they are:

1. Lambsworld by Linda Freeman. Linda has received this honor before and passed it along to us as well. She is a customer friend of ours, trades ATCs and charms with us, and blogs about so many fun mail art swaps.
2. Luluz. We “met” Lulu through a mutual friend’s recommendation of her blog. Other friends seek her out at the Sand Point Antiques Market and Fremont on Sundays. I get a big kick out of her blog and hope to meet her in person one day soon.
3. Joyworks. Jana Johnson shares design ideas she is doing at the popular shop of the same name in Snohomish, and what she is creating for her own nest. She visits the studio when she can, and we enjoy seeing what catches her eye.
4. Elizabeth Holcombe – Words and Whimsies. We first heard of Beth through her Etsy shop – Beth’s Bagz. I ordered my first Christmas purse with a removable corsage last year. I adore her work. It’s always a treat to see what new treasures she has found.
5. Shed Style by Debra Prinzing. In our former gardening-obsessed lives, we met Debra, a freelance writer and author of numerous and gorgeous gardening books. She has been a fairy godmother to us, and opened many doors to spread the word about the salvage studio.
6. Present Past Collection by Heather Bullard. As a blog “stalker”, I faithfully read her blog and soak up all her stunning style ideas. I have been sort of shy about leaving a comment, but promise to introduce myself as a result of this post.
7. A Happy Miscellany by Lena Staggs. I met Lena years ago at an annual holiday craft show and loved what she created. She was the first one to share some of her favorite blogs with me, which still are my favorites.

It’s hard to list just seven blogs. I am a blog addict!



debra said...

Hi there, Beth, Lisa and Amy, wow, you three are dynamic in every sense of the word! I am honored and happy to know you check out Shedstyle.com every now and then.
Can't wait to post a review of the Salvage Studio on my blog....I'll track you down for a Q&A very soon.
sending you friendship and affection, and kudos for actually creating a book!!! Many say they're going to do it, but very few intrepid souls actually pull it off! You did it!!! Debra

Mrs. Staggs said...

Thank you Beth, Lisa and Amy for this kind thought. I surely do appreciate it, very much!

Your blog is terrific, and I'm glad that you decided to share some of you great ideas in this way.

I recently read your new book. It's so well written, and it feels much like you and your wonderful shop. Friendly, generous and inspiring.

Hopefully, I'll be dropping by The Salvage Studio later on in the month. My friend Beth just read an article about you all, and wants to visit your shop when she comes for a visit from Maryland the last week in Oct.

I wish you all the very best!


Linda said...

You three are just too kind! Thanks for dropping in on my blog and making me feel special this way. And Beth, thanks for the copper patina tip! Have a wonderful time with the book signing party this weekend...on my next Saturday off I'm going to bring in my copy for some autographs!