Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Crazy Crochet

Crazy Crochet! Our dear friend Cindy is teaching a fun class this Saturday in Edmonds at the ArtHouse Mosiac Studio (in their new location at 610 5th Ave S).  I am signed up and can't wait.

Cindy co-hosted the ArtParty with us last year and is a ton of fun and a great teacher.

Visit her blog, Artgirl Island, for more details and if you are aren't busy this Saturday, sign-up and join us! -- Lisa

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Cindy Pestka said...

Indeed, I AM teaching another crazy crochet class this Saturday, and I was thrilled when Lisa signed up. Well, thrilled and a little concerned...I mean, imagine me (no poster child for sanity) encouraging Lisa and the others to tap into their "crazy" sides...that's a whole lotta crazy concentrated in one place. It just might do something to the fabric of the time-space-sanity continuum or something!

Watch the evening news for the blow-out...or better yet, come join us for the zaniness!