Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Goodwill Outlet

After having a house full of family and guests for the last 19 days and LOVING it, and now missing them, I found the perfect cure - visiting the new Goodwill Outlet in Everett! It opened December 15, and is a great space with lots of easy parking. It is smaller than the Seattle Outlet at 6th & Holgate. But it wasn't crowded, which was a giant plus.

Everything is in big bin shaped tables. You need to be in the mood to dig. Things are sold by the pound for the most part.
Here is my haul. Wool sweaters to shrink for felt, clothing items to deconstruct and reinvent into other apparel items, and my find of the day - a grey, cable-knitted cashmere sweater. All for $12.29! -- Beth


icandy... said...

I want to have my Birthday party there!!!! *LOL*!!!!
Happy day!
Christina :)

Shell said...

Beth,,,,,where in Everett is it???

Sammy Girl said...

WOO HOO! Love a new outlet ... before crowds find it!!
Betty :)

paisley penguin said...

You scored! I did not hear about the outlet. Must go there!

BTW - miss you store. I drive by it all the time and Bon Jovi says "hi"!

Carole said...

I cannot believe the prices!! *drops jaw*

At the one near me (40 minutes away) everything is $1.59 lb, except for glassware which is .39 lb. Items such as suitcases and the like sell for whatever the clerk decides at the register. Furniture is priced as marked and generally reasonable, but not always.

Books are expensive...Hardbacks and childrens books are $2 each (just hiked up from $1), paperbacks $1 (went up from .50), records, cds and dvds are $2, maybe $3.

That store is how things should be priced!

I don't visit the store here very often, not only because of the prices, but it's a pretty dirty store too. And you really have to be prepared to dig in the hopes of finding that treasure.

Lyneen said...

Wish I had time to drive up there... YIKES it is sooooo close yet so far away!!!!!!

lulu said...

Beth, Geff always says that it is like watching rag pickers in india. I love that, I always think of my self a bit like that. You do have to be in the mood to dig tho. Lots of times I am just not up to it. OX

DebK said...

ACK!!!!! I have not heard about this one! Ok, Beth and Lisa, spill it girls! Send me an email and tell me where it is!

Deb @ Retreat

junkrescuerbeth said...

The new Everett Goodwill Outlet store's address is 2208 West Casino Road - right by Boeing. It seems an unlikely location, but is not hard to find. It is open every day.

It's okay with me if it becomes more crowded with people, because I could use the help with churning those heavy piles of clothing!


Seattle Goodwill said...

Hi Beth-
Thanks for the great post on our new Outlet!
We will be having the Grand Opening for the Outlet on Sat., Feb. 6th. There will be gift card drawings, silent auctions and a giveaway.
We hope to see you there!
Janay at Seattle Goodwill

Debi Ward Kennedy said...

we went, we saw, we shopped, our jaws dropped.... heat! music! cleanliness! a bevy of happy, helpful employees! parking! AND bargains!

this place is nirvana...
thanx for sharing, Beth!