Sunday, January 10, 2010

What to do with a Stretchy Sweater

This sweater is at least 11 years old, and used to be about half this size. It continues to expand sideways. And I decided midway through last year, that my body was going to go the other direction! I was ready to donate the sweater to the Goodwill, when I had an idea to transform it into a skirt.

Here’s the sweater. First, I cut off the arms and cowl neck part. Then I straightened the edges into sort of an a-line. I don’t own a serger, so my plan was to zigzag the seam edges first with my sewing machine from the 1950’s. The edges came out ruffled. I was cranky for a few seconds, then decided I would have the seams be on the outside, and be a design element. For the waist, I simply folded the sweater over, and stitched the edge to form a tube for an elastic waistband. The hem of the skirt was the bottom hem of the sweater. To make it more ruffled, I zigzagged that edge while slightly stretching the fabric.

I am darn pleased with my new skirt. I’ll wear it with tights and some boots. Now to alter some sweaters for tops!

I have a huge girl crush on Natalie Chanin, author of the Alabama Stitch Book. She did a great post recently showing and talking about using what you have. Read it here.

And for a hilarious read of what to do with ugly sweaters, visit A Girl Named Timi’s blog, and read about her Ugly Christmas Sweater holiday party.


Lyneen said...

I LOVE YOUR SKIRT!!!! what a great idea... now I have to go buy a big sweater!!!!!!

Artsy Fartsy Junkin Finds said...

OMG, that is awesome!! You have to give us a pic with it and the boots! Just be glad you did not grow with the sweater!! Hugs, Janna

Judy said...

What a clever idea! Recently I have seen clothing/sweaters redone to fit over a wire lampshade base. Isn't it amazing how people can think outside the box and reuse/reinvent things. I am constantly in awe!

Amber Rose said...

Soo cute!!!

junkdreams said...

Love, love, love what you did with this old sweater. I would love to have a skirt just like it!

paisley penguin said...

Absolutely fabulous! Do please post and update photo!

junkrescuerbeth said...

I will post a pic of me wearing my "new" skirt - tights and boots too. It is hard enough to take pictures of still objects. So taking one of myself sans baggy sweater will take the right self-esteem moment.

Thanks for all the swell comments!


Carole said...

That is absolutely fantastic!!

I came across a woman recently who made a skirt by sewing together lots of mens ties. It was pretty neat looking.

Cindy Pestka said...

Wow...99.99999% of the time in my life my clothing inexplicably gets SMALLER. Kudos to you for defying the laws of physics!