Thursday, January 29, 2009

We're on a roll!

Our kitchen is done, so we're working on the upstairs part of our nest. Here are my dream colors for a bedroom and the adjacent bathroom. It started with that cream and robin's egg blue wreath. This shade of blue is really talking to me. I even found a small Christmas tree on sale at Joyworks, to add to the Christmas fun in this area next December.

Let's start with the bathroom. This stencil design was in the house when we moved in nearly 12 years ago. I let it live in peace for too long.

The counter tiles had been painted over. If you are thinking of trying this as a low cost alternative to replacing the tiles, my advice is put that paint brush down. Even with gentle cleaning, the paint has worn away.

Good looking grey tiles emerged after the paint was scraped off. The paint that was stuck to the grout was really annoying to remove.

Micah to the rescue with the Dremel and its metal wire brush attachment. If you need painting or handyman work done, you can contact him at

Shiny brass fixtures abound in this room. Here I am toning them down with white spray paint. Spray paint is evil stuff, but it sure is handy when it comes to covering metal. I'll paint them again with a brush and add a couple of shades of white in streaky layers.

So far, nothing has been thrown out! -- Beth


Jana said...

My bathroom also needs a major makeover... maybe this year it will happen...a girl can dream...
It was nice visiting with you at the store.

junkrescuerbeth said...

Our mster bathroom is next on our agenda. I'm still scratching around for ideas that are green and affordable. We could form a bathroom updaters' support group. Have you been following Corey Amaro's bathroom redo on her blog, Tongue in Cheek? It is looking dreamy!

It was great visiting with you and your mom at your shop.


Eileen said...

Can't wait to see the finished product!