Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snohomish Adventure

Last Friday was spent playing in Snohomish with my friend bj. We started our play date with our belated Christmas presents exchange. I received several treats from bj, but this hand towel she embroidered was certainly my favorite!

Our first stop was the Snohomish Pie Company to buy an ABC (apple berry
crumb) pie to take home. Yummers.

We hit the bonanza at Joyworks and got to chat with our customer friend Jana and her mom, Clarice. They were just home from the Atlanta gift show where they shopped 8 to 10 hours a day for over a week. No wonder their shop always has such snappy stuff. Their displays were being updated, yet I couldn't resist taking a picture of this window arrangement of theirs.

Funny how the baby stuff catches your eye when you are a grandma-to-be.

Next up was Faded Elegance. I hadn't been to their new digs yet - what a gorgeous building they are in. Here are some wonderful bracelets in another customer friend's booth.

Mary took the found objects bracelet workshop at the studio, and obviously graduated with straight A's! I loved her creations.

Also in Faded Elegance is Debi Ward Kennedy's enchanting booth. An absolute confection of creams, blacks and pinks. Sadly, my camera battery was not prepared for such an eye candy day, and retired way too soon.

Next time I visit Snohomish, I'll make sure that battery is charged to the brim. -- Beth


DivaDeb said...

Beth!!! Thank you so much for your sweet comments! I wish I had known you were going to drop in...maybe next time we can connect. Don'tcha just love this little town?! So many great shops and darling people. My first store was located right next door to the Snohomish Pie Company,(and I painted the murals downstairs) and I designed the artwork for Jana's wedding invitation!

(BTW sweets, it's Debi Ward Kennedy... Bob wants credit where credit is due with that last name!! ;o) )

junkrescuerbeth said...

Hi Debi,

So sorry to mess up your last name! You would think I would be more careful since my last name is hyphenated, and after 30+ years, I have heard way too many variations. I can't wait to see the next transformation of your space at Faded Elegance.


beth, lisa and amy said...

I fixed it! Lisa

Me & My House said...

Okay, seems like I lived in the hot spot for antique, vintage, and all things salvaged and junky! Didn't even know it...I need a list of places to "hit up" in the Seattle area when I visit...could you guys provide? Aaaah, I just love this stuff!