Thursday, January 8, 2009


It is taking me forever and a day to undecorate our house this week. I love putting the Christmas decorations out, but it doesn’t work the same way in reverse. Most everything is back in their storage tubs. Our holiday season was terrific. And I’m ready to put all the extra hubbub behind me. Yet as I start to gather our everyday decorations to find new nooks and crannies to arrange them in, I stop dead in my tracks. I want to get that stale wallpaper off of the kitchen walls. I am bored with some wall stenciling done years ago. A bedroom set would look better painted cream. I received one of Lulu’s gorgeous wreaths with my new favorite shade of blue for Christmas. So now I want a whole bedroom to reinvent itself to complement the wreath! I’m looking at creating even more hubbub.

Here is our living room mantle. The mirror and the candleholder I fashioned from an old lamp will stay. I put the urn there for the sake of the picture. The usual suspects will not be returning to their home there. Creating a new vignette on the mantle will be easy and fun. Stripping wallpaper is not fun. But I have Micah scheduled to start that project on Monday. I’ll keep you posted. -- Beth

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