Tuesday, January 13, 2009

This past Christmas as I was buying presents for friends and family, I bought a present for myself. I belong to a book club that always has an amazing sale at the end of the calendar year so I bought myself a treat – and quite the treat it was! The book Restoration Home by Mark and Sally Bailey is a guide to using what is in your house/home to its best advantage – obviously right up my alley. Their look is very raw and minimal but the textures, colors and shapes are beautiful. The couple living in England has spent the last 25 years promoting their “recycled” look. While I was living in England in the late 1990’s, I did see this minimalist trend emerging – probably a backlash to the traditional English style of layer upon layer of fabrics coupled with ornate carved wood furniture.

The photography in the book is gorgeous too – and the front cover really captures their design viewpoint. I love using the worn wood pallets to display dishes…I’ll have to ask at work tomorrow what they do with all of those shipping pallets… - Amy

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Ki said...

Love the book too! I just recommended it on my Junk Revolution message boards. I could spend hours revisiting the photos and feel totally inspired each time. Love the cover of your book! Am running out to the book store to pick one up.