Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Plastic Bag Pom Poms & a Swell Gift

I recently received THE MOST THOUGHTFUL GIFT from our friend Jill, who lives in Aix en Provence. She let me know to be on the lookout for a package she had sent to the studio in December. After a thought or two that it might have disappeared for the time being, this week it arrived. I am equally thrilled with the presentation and the contents.

The bow is a pom pom made from plastic bags! How great is that. She shares the how to at her blog, LeTrip.

Here is the gift - a lovely vintage French print of bird baths along with some garden architecture. Getting this framed and on my freshly painted walls will jet to the front of the projects-to-do line.

And her gift card touched my heart: "Merry Christmas to the recycled birdbath queen and her king! Sending you love from Provence and best wishes for 2009! Jill". (She's such a good friend that she even watched the You Tube video of my efforts to transfer a table lamp into a bird bath.)
I hope you get something special in the mail this week too. -- Beth

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Frenchee le Trip said...

How neat!! LoVe seeing the bow show up again! And it's still in good shape. You know you are the birdbath queen of the whole state of Washington and maybe the entire west coast! It was a real treat to read you post - thanks, my dear.