Sunday, January 11, 2009

Furniture Test Drive at the Studio

Our customers, Sabra in the middle, with her daughter, Paloma on the left, along with Lisa doing a test drive of a five piece rattan set at the studio. We told them we’d hold the set for them for a week, so they could think about it without any pressure. Although, Sabra looks pretty relaxed in this shot! -- Beth and Lisa


Robin said...

I have enjoyed your blog so much. I am sure you are asked all the time about how to start a business like yours and I am ashamed to do the same. We have a building here in Dawsonville, GA and want to do something similar to yours , do you have any advice ? Blessings to you. robin 6788979573

junkrescuerbeth said...

Good luck with your venture Robin! The best advice I can share with you is to focus on your marketing as well as your creations. It's a labor-intensive endeavor, but full of rewards.