Friday, January 9, 2009

Nature's Decoration

I put on my rain gear yesterday and trekked back to our swale to check on the water flow because of the downpour of rain this week. So while I was bundled up I took a quick tour of the garden and I found this little treasure. Helleborus niger, also know as Christmas Rose, had popped up during all that cold and snow and was putting on a show.

It is part of a planting in the Sunset Garden joining a small maple tree and some ornamental grasses in an oxblood red container. It is a bright spot on a cloudy day.

During the heavy snow, we had lost a branch from our Cedrus atlantica in the front garden. It is a stunning tree full of wildlife all year round. Part of the attraction are these darling cones. They sit on the tops of the branches and look like a neighborhood full of happy, chubby people.
I gathered all the cones from the fallen branch (before the squirrels did!) and placed them in this hypertufa bowl I had in the garden.
You can't get much better than nature for decor! -- Lisa

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