Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Felting with my cat

Our Felted Ornaments workshop is coming up soon – this Saturday, Oct. 3 at 10 a.m. Remember these cute samples? Well nothing like a deadline to get me going to shrink a bunch of wool sweaters I had been amassing. The Goodwill Outlet is the easiest source ever - $1.39 per pound for bulk clothing. It’s getting easier for me to spot the pure wool items in the heaps of clothing in their bins. And I usually find something new for my wardrobe while I’m at it!

Anyway, here’s my heap. I try to keep similar colors together, and into the washer they go with soap and hot water. Sometimes I’ll have them agitate for an extra while. Here’s my kitty Harry’s favorite part – the drying. We did lots of drying Friday afternoon. He got so hot, he actually pulled half of himself off the dryer.

Then this morning, I found him “guarding” the new wool felt. What a good helper.

There’s still some spaces in this workshop. Give Lisa a buzz if you’d like to join in the fun! -- Beth


Cindy Pestka said...

Oh Beth, Harry is hysterical. My cat Max loves to lay on anything he's not supposed to. He uses his very own patented super-slow-mo technique...he inches toward said item in teeny little increments, as if I won't notice him as long as he's moving ever-so-s-l-o-w-l-y. But at 15 pounds, he's hard to miss.

Katie said...

What a sweetie!...Katie

Frivolitea said...

I am a big fan of Goodwill as well. But I did not know you could buy bulk clothing.
And your cat is adorable. My dogs would climb right up there as well if they could. They love to curl up on wayward objects of clothing left on the floor.

Carole said...

Harry knows a good spot when he sees one. :-)

We have a Goodwill Outlet here as well, but I'm not as impressed with it as some seem to be.

There are treasures to be had if you search, but it's hit and miss for sure. Especially as more and more people are watching the place for items they can turn around and resell. Those people shove, toss things, break things, they don't care as long as they find what they're looking for.

On the occasions when I go to the store I mostly look for things to use in my artwork (I scored big time on bingo cards and dominoes a while back). Some times I get lucky, other times not.

I have found quite a few crochet and vintage linens, and some fabric that I'll reuse for making aprons and such, but rarely see any wool items. By the pound would certainly be the way to buy them.