Friday, October 2, 2009

Remodeling is Humbling

Our master bathroom remodeling is taking forever and a day! It got off to a rip-roaring start back in January, when Raoul discovered warm vinegar would easily remove the floral wallpaper. Sometime this summer, a contractor friend and his son removed acres of mirrors and shiny brass light fixtures from the 80’s. Since then, two of these dangling 60 watt bulbs have been our light source! Big ugh. But we’re on the move again – we’ve hired a professional tile guy to come in and do the floors next month. And of course, we don’t want paint to get on the new tile floors, so we’re hoping to get our bathroom homework done before his arrival. Nevertheless, don’t hold your breath waiting for a photo of the new bathroom. Our home projects run on variable speeds! -- Beth


Carole said...

I feel your pain. Our remodeling runs on variable speeds as well, but also on variable finances. We do most of the work ourselves, but still, a lot of it is a matter of money. When we have money it's a go, when we don't everything gets put on hold.

My kitchen has been a 'work in progress' for the past several years. Just when we nearly had it finished hubby got laid off - on hold. Once we got going again, the dishwasher (which we had replaced upon moving in) decided to leak all over the floor ruining most of the new subfloor....Another layoff came our way....You get the picture...I feel more like I'm fighting a battle with the odds as opposed to remodeling a house.

I'm a little worried about starting the bathroom remodels. lol

Debi Ward Kennedy said...

Having SEEN this monstrosity of a bathroom and my own horrified reflection in that W I D E expanse of 1980's mirror, I can smile as I read about your progress and picture the vast improvement it must be! I'm sure it will be stunning when done - but I know it's already better than it WAS!!! ;0)