Monday, October 19, 2009

Over the Top Blog Award

Thank you Linda of Luluz. We are tickled that you included us in one of your picks!

Rules to the award...

1.) Thank and post URL to the blog that gave the award.

2.) Pass the award along to 6 brilliantly over the top blogs (blogs you love!) Alert them so they know to receive the award.

3.) Copy and paste this quiz... Change the answers, ONE word only!!

I am so sorry, but one word just is not going to happen. (Linda’s addition, and Beth & Lisa agree.)

4.) Have Fun

Quiz: (Beth’s answers are in Blue…Lisa’s are in Red)

Where is your cell phone? usually in the charger, being ignored; in my purse

Your hair? finally being wavy like it has tried to be for 57 years; gray

Your mother? marie, who taught me to love making things with my hands; Beth

Your father? bob, who left this life way too soon in mine; Mike

Your favorite food? Popcorn; Indian

Your favorite drink? gin and tonic; Corona

Your dream last night? a silly worry; Bejeweled Blitz from Facebook

Your dream/goal? to live in the present – no frets about the future or regrets about the past; house with a water view

What room are you in? studio; family room

Your hobby? reinventing stuff; gardening and kitty wrangler

Your fear? doing a head stand in yoga class; losing my loved ones

Where do you want to be in 6 years? spending more time travelling the world; home

Where were you last night? studio; family room

Something that you aren't? un-opinionated; athletic!

Muffin? pumpkin with cream cheese filling; chocolate with cream cheese filling

Wish list item? more free time; I second that

Where did you grow up? Bremerton, Washington; Wapato, WA

Last thing you did? surfed my favorite blogs; prepped veggies

What are you wearing? one of my uniforms – jeans and a turtleneck sweater; who’s asking?

Your TV? a semi big thing with a DVR; I second that

Your pets? Hank and Harry – 2 kitties; Grayson, John-Boy, Bunny, Delilah and Spicy - kitties

Friends? the best ever; the more the merrier

Your life? full and wonderful; delightful

Your mood? Happy; cheerful

Missing someone? granddaughter Claire; Mom

Vehicle? Subaru Forrester; Saturn Vue

Something you aren't wearing? Spanx; socks

Your favorite store? French thrift stores; Goodwill

Favorite color? Aquamarine; red

When was the last time you laughed? at a tea party this early evening; a few minutes ago

Last time you cried? felt like it yesterday, but didn’t; don’t cry very often

Your best friend? my hubby Raoul; Doug

One place you go to over and over? quiet places; Café India

One person who emails you regularly? Lisa; Karen

Favorite place to eat? my kitchen with my family; Café India

Now for the six blogs we love to visit:


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Bountiful Home

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AuroraSuzette said...

Congratulations on this award. I'm glad it led me to your blog!

junkrescuerbeth said...

Welcome to our blog AuroraSuzette. Any friend of Linda's is a friend of ours!

Beth of Salvage Studio

Debi Ward Kennedy said...

Well, now, aren't you girls just the sweetest things! Aurora Suzette gifted us with this award last week - I guess I really have to DO something about it now! ;0)

Linda said...

Thank you, you're too kind!! What a fun award....

Robj98168 said...

Hey Thanks for the nod!

Linda said...

I nominated you too! (at my Swap For All Seasons BLog) Not realizing, but not surprised of course, that you were already nominated! So just know that your blog is "OVER THE TOP TIMES 2"!! THanks for the ongoing inspiration! LInda