Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Saturday was tile shopping day. Raoul and I headed to Seattle to check out three tile places. Between stores two and three, as we were driving north on First Avenue South, I spotted ecohaus. I had been meaning to check it out, so into their parking lot we went. What an amazing resource store for sustainable home projects!

Right away we checked out their dreamy green kitchen.

A wall of stylish cork flooring samples. I had no idea there was such a wide variety available.

Another wall of true linoleum and Marmoleum samples.

A vanity sink top using Paperstone, a durable countertop material incorporating recycled paper. After watching this product be used on one do-it-yourself show after another, I was pleased to see it looked so good in person.

Is this a genius idea or what?! A small sink atop the toilet, with the waste water from the sink then filling the toilet tank.

And out in the parking lot, two spots for electric cars to charge their batteries.

Then it was back to tile shopping for us. We did find a finalist. Lunch was at this swanky taco truck on First Avenue South, just south of Rejuvenation Lighting. And oh my goodness, the food was tasty!


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Artsy Fartsy Junkin Finds said...

Yes that kitchen is dreamy!! Hugs, Janna

Deborah Burton said...

Beth, is that a fridge on the right in that ecohaus kitchen? Cool! (pun intended);-)

Haven't seen you in ages and look forward to chatting at Sand Point!

Carole said...

We have an Ecohaus in Portland (formerly Environmental Builders Supply), but they are in a fairly small space so don't have kitchen layouts. Love that kitchen! Reminds me a little of those at IKEA.

I do love the options for linoleum, bamboo, and cork flooring, and the fact that they carry YoLo ColorHouse as well as other low and no VOC paints. The prices are a bit spendy, but it's certainly fun to look and check out the options available.

I've never seen Paperstone. That's pretty cool!

Love Rejuvenation too!