Monday, September 28, 2009

Our Fabric Stash ::: Purge Party Fabric Consignment Sale

A friend of ours shared this link, and if you have ever had a problem with acquiring too much fabric, you'll agree that this is a very clever idea!

When my sons were little, I had a cloth doll business, and sold my creations at the Pike Place Market in Seattle. I had a bad fabric obsession at that time. So I understand the concept of too many textiles. It's under control now (only to be replaced for my fondness for good junk)!

We wish this group great success, and if you attend, please let us know how much fun you had. We are triple-booked this weekend, or I'd be checking it out in person. -- Beth

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Anonymous said...

do you buy used fabric? we bought a house and have no use for the curtains that were here- in great condition. if so- email me @