Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cousin Joe's Furniture

Last Sunday, was road trip day. Our youngest son Morgan, was spending a long weekend with us. We headed to Cashmere, over Steven's Pass, to visit Aunt Jean, soon to be 90 years old. The scenery was spectacular, and we found Aunt Jean in fine form! She lives with my cousin Joe and his family.

Joe has always been artist, and his current passion is creating furniture.

I loved how the glass follows the shape of the wood.

We had a tasty lunch at this table. It is a magnificent set! They loaded us up with a box of bounty from their garden, freshly canned pickles, and my favorite - a big jar of Joe's salsa. We all agreed, it was the perfect day.


Jennifer said...

Beautiful pieces.. I love the bench.


Carole said...

What wonderful furniture!

Enjoy the homemade salsa. There's nothing quite like it.

Designer Junk Finder said...

The furniture is wonderful.
does he sell it??

zane said...

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