Monday, February 16, 2009

Unfinished or Deliberate Found Objects?

Quirky handmade things like these plastic fruit pieces capture my imagination. Sticking a pin into each bead and sequin took some time and patience. Did the creator lose interest and abandon this project? Goodness knows, I can start projects like nobody’s business, but completing each of them is another story. Or did this crafter work part way down this apple, deliberately leaving that smooth line of sequins?

I am so attracted to vintage objects because they have a history and tell a story. -- Beth


Cindy Pestka said...

Whenever I find an apparent handmade object d'art at Goodwill, I always wonder how many of my objects d'whatever will also end up there...and what people will think when they stumble upon them. Will they snap it up, eager to display it at home...or will they hold it up quizzically and say to their friend, "What on earth was this person thinking?"

junkrescuerbeth said...

It's the circle of junk life! We dig for buried treasures at the Goodwill, and proudly display and enjoy our bounty. Then one day it all returns to the Goodwill for another generation to discover.


KatCollects said...

These are so sweet, I think I would just put them in a pretty bowl and display them.