Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sewing Machine meets Artist Trading Cards

I have finally discovered what a blast it is to use my sewing machine on paper! I had some artist trading cards left over from our recent swap, and thought they could evolve into Valentine's Day cards.
With a simple zigzag stitch, my sewing machine from the 1950's connected the cards to some cardstock in no time at all. I added a few more turns and loops as long as I was at it.

I'm also finding that I use my machine way more if it is out in the open and not stashed away in its' case. Hauling that big boy out was a chore. I have found a small cubby in our downstairs area, where it is set up all the time now. Less gluing and more stitching for me! -- Beth


Cindy Pestka said...

I COMPLETELY agree that keeping my sewing machine handy makes all the difference. I saw a sewing machine cover that Pam Garrison created by embroidering a pillow case and I think that would be a nifty project.

junkrescuerbeth said...

Oh my, just think how we could alter those pillowcases. The set-up sewing machine would transform into a another piece of art!


KatCollects said...

This is something I have been wanting to try, to stitch on paper. And I just made my first batch of ATC's, love making them.