Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tiki Lanterns from Salvage

We met Joe last Saturday at the studio. He was interested in a roll of caning stuff we had. So being the curious (and also nosey) person I am, I asked him if he caned chairs. No, the caning reed was for tiki lanterns. Now he had my full attention! I asked Joe to send us some pictures, and he did. Along with a brief tutorial.

“I had a great time in your store today. Here are some photos of some tiki lanterns I made from salvage. I started by cutting up a matchstick blind I found at thrift store, and using the sticks to make cones. The top of the cone is a short piece of 1 inch bamboo to which I lashed the sticks. Then I lashed the bottom of the cone to a hoop of aluminum wire using jute. To do the wiring, I got extension cords from a dollar store and cut off the ends and then wired on a weatherproof socket. Around the socket is a plastic drinking tumbler that I wet sanded to make the bulb diffuse. The bulb is a 25w amber candelabra-style bulb. I made over a dozen lanterns at almost no cost and they were a huge hit at the company holiday party. " Joe

We really enjoy show and tells!

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wow cool!