Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pearl Pendant

Thanks to our DVR, I whiz through Martha’s television shows, and stop to watch the crafts segments. I caught this one demonstrating a Heart Pendant last week, where they made simple heart-shaped pendants with wire and crystal beads. The idea stuck with me for a few days, and I decided to make my version of it with a small string of pearls I got at Beads and Beyond for $2.00 (at a swell sale they had last year), and some wire I had on hand.

I cut the 7 inches of 24 gauge wire like the video suggests. Then I simplified. I strung on 19 pearls (make it an uneven number) and attached the wire ends together in a tidy little twisted ball. I encouraged the sort of circle-like shape to be a heart shape, with the wire connection part landing in the top center. I attached a large jump ring to one side, and used rayon seam binding tied in knots instead of a chain. The seam binding was too poufy and smooth at first. So I got it wet, crinkled it up and let it dry.

I saved one for myself, and made three more for gifts to special friends. -- Beth

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