Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Silver Bella - Wow!

Usually I am not at a loss for words. But when it comes to articulating how absolutely wonderful this Silver Bella art retreat was, adjectives aren’t enough. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for all the creativity and generosity I received during the three days I was in Omaha. Every single person I met was over the top friendly and talented. I am still stunned by the fantastic items I received in the three swaps I participated in. The five workshops I took were the best ever. I believe it was such a powerful experience for me, that it will take time to fully absorb how much I learned, and had to stretch. I feel like my world expanded enormously.

I’ll save the pictures and more descriptions of the swaps and the workshops for a couple of future posts. Let’s talk about the people and the good loot! Here is the folder we received when we checked in. Our door prize number is a keepsake.

At the welcome dinner, this darling tote bag was waiting for us filled with all these swell gifts. Lots of clever craft project kits, handmade items, and vintage art supplies.

Our group project was sponsored by Fiskars. Each of us received this haul. I learned I have been mispronouncing Fiskars for my whole life – it is Fis cars (like you drive). They are the fifth oldest company in our country. They started making sharp things and stuck with it.

This was a gift each of us received from our Saturday luncheon speaker, Jo Packham. She is an inspiring soul, and brought tears to most of our eyes with her words. The lid of this box says: MAY YOU ALWAYS FIND NEW DREAMS TO CALL YOUR OWN, NEW ROADS TO TRAVEL, NEW DOORS TO UNLOCK ….. All that I do is created From a Woman’s Soul, Through a Woman’s Eyes, By a Woman’s Hands. Are you reaching for a tissue yet?

Here’s a cute shot of my roomie, traveling mate and friend – Christie (on the right). We met through the Salvage Studio. She attended Silver Bella last year, and was my Big Sister this time around.I like this shot of our tablemates at the first group workshop. It was a bonding experience, as a workshop for 185+ women is crazy.

We met this mom and daughter as soon as we got off the plane in Omaha. We saw each other in workshops, at breakfast, vendor night and other times throughout the weekend. I felt so very lucky to be with such joyful kindred spirits.

Stay tuned for the story on the swaps! -- Beth


Shell said...

Oh Beth! How fun!!! I HAVE to go next time!!! All those wonderful women/ideas/materials I'm sure you had a BLAST!!!

Can't wait to see what else you learned and post!!

Hugs and welcome back to WA!
(We had a splended time at our 30th
Anniversary party, Go down on my blog to the Saturday nite post to see the slide show tp see the shop, the Joyworks gals and some of our great customers! And OMG the food!!!!!!)

I'm so glad you had fun!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that you had a blast. I would love to host an art camp some day...we'll see.

Cindy Pestka said...

Beth, you must tell us every single detail from every single minute. We are living vicariously through you, lucky artgirl. I shall feverishly check your blog for the tantalizing tidbits that will appear.

A grand art retreat feels pretty much like falling in love, doesn't it?

Linda said...

Beth, it looks wonderful! Can't wait to hear (and see) more!