Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Common Folk

We gave ourselves a big treat on Sunday, after our event at PS Stores. A couple of our customer friends, Shirley and Katherine, have been nudging us to visit Common Folk Co., a wonderful shop in Bellevue at the Crossroads Shopping Center. Don’t you adore their invitation for their recent open house?!
We loved their combination of new and vintage product, along with artist made goods. Everyone was so friendly. (Another) Katherine, the owner, greeted us warmly the moment we entered. We gobbled up pieces of Shirley’s pineapple cake and memorized the recipe when she shared it.

Common Folk was filled with so much sparkle, that my pictures have less than ideal lighting. But I have no problem with oodles of crystal chandeliers, whimsical lamps and holiday lights blazing in a charming shop like this one!


Shell said...

Thanks for Sharing Beth! Looks like fun! I need to get my backside out of Snohomish more often!

What an awesome poster..I was SO There!!

Hope you can make it to Joyworks Friday Night for our Gala/extravaganza/party/Soiree!


Debi Ward Kennedy said...

I was so bummed that we were out of town and missed this event... we LOVE Common Folk, and their displays just ROCK! Looks like you girls had a great time together - as always! ;0)

Deb @ Retreat

Anonymous said...

That is so funny that I'm reading this post now. I was just telling a friend about a great shop that relocated a few years ago from Centralia, Wa to Crossroads Mall called the Common Folk Co. I used to love shopping there but I haven't visited them in Bellevue...yet.