Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Anthropologie Always Delivers

Who doesn’t get a major kick of out of the displays at Anthropologie? Lisa and I popped into the University Village store and left with our hearts going pitter pat! They were installing these spectacular decorations. We really made out because some were on the floor, waiting to be hung. I asked if I could take pictures (which is always nice store etiquette) and they said sure.

Some of these white fluffs were created from chicken wire as the form with common sandwich wrapping papers smushed into each opening. Others were created like giant tissue paper flowers.
We especially liked the nuances of the creamy colors with an occasional clear, sparkly cellophane flower added here and there.And another great idea - they hung large hunks of metal fencing as their grid to attach each flower.

I really admire their constant creativity. - Beth


lulu said...

thank-you so much for sharing that, what a great idea. I'll pack that away in my stuffed little brain and let it stew for awhile.

Shay Johnson said...

I like the idea.I would re-cycle white plastic grocery bags.