Saturday, November 21, 2009

Silver Bella Workshops and Vendor Night

The Vintage Rosary Necklace workshop was the ONE workshop I really wanted to get into at Silver Bella. I’ve had a crush on Kaari Meng since I discovered her business, the French General several years ago. She was as nice as nice could be in person. I loved this workshop and am thrilled with the necklace I was able to make all from components she provided in our kits.

More of her treasures were for sale during our class.

Workshop number two was Victorious Medals taught by Teresa McFayden, the founder of Silver Bella. This is a shot of our table.

Such a clever idea. Teresa photocopied onto fabric paper some of her favorite vintage medals, which we then enhanced with glitter, trims, ribbons and all sorts of lovelies. Other ribbons were newly printed for the occasion, so everyone was a winner in this class!

Charlotte Lyons was my instructor for her Wonderland Mobile. We created little houses and trees to hang from an embroidery hoop. Then you could add as much bling as you saw fit.

As you can see, I am of the more is more school of design with this project.

I could make and decorate these little houses and trees until the cows come home.

There are so many distractions during these workshops. First you have to check out everyone’s jewelry and accessories. Then you hear their stories as you try to do your fun task. This woman is the mother of triplets, with twins on the way, and she was cheerful as can be! Plus she had this clear plastic bag with lots of little openings for her ribbon stash to come out of. Really a good idea, and I think easy to duplicate with something like those heavy plastic covers they sell pillowcases in or maybe an unused clear makeup bag.

This Hodge Podge Journal was the only project I finished 100% within the three hour workshop period. Rebecca Sower was the instructor, and she is a gem. Her kit was wonderfully complete, and she set sort of a fast pace, which totally worked for me.

My last workshop was Holly-Days Countdown with Pam Garrison. This is Pam’s sample, and the idea is each holly leaf represents a day for an advent calendar.

By my fifth workshop, I was used to the fact that some of these women were finishing their projects, and doing amazing jobs. The woman beside me created this fabulous design. And had a darling tool box with the blue pom poms too.

I decided I was going to try all the embroidery stitches I haven’t done in ages. I’m saving the rest of my leaves for a long plane ride to NYC coming up next week.

Another gorgeous distraction. My new friend, Kay, had this amazing sewing kit with bark cloth pages. So functional and so right up my alley.

Vendor night was one of the best I’ve attended! Here is Beth Quinn and her marvelous jewelry.

I was charmed by Megan, aka Princess Lasertron.

Her felt flower pins are unbelievable with their beautiful stitchery. I bought a red number, and am kicking myself for not getting at least a half a dozen of them for gifts.

There was a ballroom filled with other tables like this. Vintage ephemera heaven! Willows Nest was there with their distinctive, romantic creations. This hand crafted bird was in the Raised in Cotton booth.

I have unpacked and repeatedly admired everything, and finished four of my projects (while hiding in my studio for several days this week).

I really can’t imagine I will forget how good this art retreat was. Silver Bella was very special. -- Beth


Jana said...

Silver Bella looked like so much fun! I think I will seriously have to look into going next year. I'm so very glad you had a super time...

lulu said...

I am so jealous, Silver Bella is on my wish list for next year.

Linda said she really enjoyed meeting you.

Wanda said...

I think we were at the same table for Charlotte's class. I was wondering why the pictur eof you on the blog looked so familiar. :) It was nice to meet you. I'm glad you got your houses and trees done....I got them cut out, but didn't get much farther. It was more interesting talking to all of you that morning. I'm glad you had a good time this year.

Jeannie said...

Beautiful treasures to remind you of Silver Bella. The rosary is gorgeous. I am so glad you had a fun filled time and thanks for sharing your trip with us. Cheers.

Amber Rose said...

Oh WOW!! What fun!

kay heath said...

Hi Friend!
This is Kay from Silver Bella - I love seeing all of your photos and checking out your blog, and of course I'm totally flattered that my little fabric book is on your blog - how fun! It really was so nice sitting by you for three classes, you were the perfect table-mate to have, always so sweet and friendly. I wish I lived close enough to take some of your workshops sometime - darn! Have a good week!

junkrescuerbeth said...

Hi Kay -

It's so great to hear from you! With all the gluing and stitching and sequins, I forgot to get your email address. I'm so glad you checked out our blog. I would be your tablemate again - anywhere or anytime!


Brooke Ahana said...

oh wow does this look like fun times! I would have loved, loved, loved this experience. You made such beautiful creations too.

Linda said...

What wonderful projects...the rosary necklace is gorgeous. I hope I get to see it in person! It sounds like the distractions at Silver Bella are a fun part of the experience!