Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Went Shopping for Decor in my Garage

Along with the purging and reorganizing comes nesting. It feels good to add new decorating touches to my spiffied-up areas. I’ve been dipping into my inventory stored out in our garage.

These red metal hanging hooks were at the studio forever and a day. I even had a gal come up to tell me they really weren’t hooks. She told me what their official purpose was. I wasn’t feeling spunky-enough that day to share the whole re-purposing concept with her. (Can’t say I miss that part of retail one smidgeon!) Now these hooks are by our back door holding keys.

I created this stool from a broken chair. The top spindles were removed and the seat was reinforced. It was never adopted. I was in our guestroom (the room that Baby Claire will bring her parents to stay in room) and decided I should put a little side table by the rocker. Presto! A small stack of children’s books from back in my day awaits.

These tin drawer liners were rescued from my youngest son’s house before we rented it out. Now they are stacked in a narrow wall opening looking nifty as can be, and holding vintage millinery and tacky plastic corsages. Instead of making labels for the boxes, I arranged these on top for visual aids.

This is the best kind of “shopping”!


Anonymous said...

Tee hee, "Those aren't hooks." Too funny and familiar. I get quizzical looks because of things I scrounge all the time. My family just shrugs now and knows I have a "vision".

Sammy Girl said...

How fun! We have downsized to "Whoville" ... and it's like Christmas when we open boxes that have been in storage. (Some literally for decades!) It's a great feeling to clear some of it out, but a good way to redo our rooms when we find stuff we still love.
Red is my color and I LOVE the red "hooks". Who CARES what they were in a former life? Don't we ALL have former lives .... lol!
Betty :)

Debi Ward Kennedy said...

People are so funny! And thank Heavens for visionaries like you and Lisa who can see old red 'whatever they were' bits of hardware and repurpose them into hooks!

(It's also interesting to me that my spell check program is telling me that 'repurpose' isn't a word.... We still have work to do to educate the masses, Beth!!!)