Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Favorite Sign

Usually this sign is on my work table in my studio, so I am able to be reminded of its’ valuable message often. Today I placed it in our hydrangea garden for a prettier background shot to share with you.

Hope you are enjoying this weather and/or finding a way to stay as cool as possible!


Barking Dogs: Jennifer Burris said...

Wonderful Message.. and those hydrangeas are gorgeous!


Cindy Pestka said...

That's a lovely (and timely) reminder. Plus, I adore all of the blues and purples that I often see in hydrangea petals. A long time ago I heard that the acidity of the soil can determine the color of the hydrangea flower. Oh, Gardening that true?

Carole said...

Some varieties of hydrangea can be treated to change the color. My MIL has done it before.

Love the sign! Love the flowers! I don't have a hydrangea, but would love to try and grow one.

And no, I am not enjoying this weather at all. Our thermometer is currently hovering at 108, and quite frankly I can't wait for this heat wave to break!

junkrescuerbeth said...

Hydrangeas are my favorite plants! I have oodles of them - and love the variety of flower shapes and colors. I let nature take its' course with the colors. Acidic soil, which we have in our area, creates the blue colors. Alkaline creates the pinks. I heard Dan Hinkley share the tip of pushing in white pieces of chalk around the base of a hydrangea to encourage more pink hues - sort of like giving the plant little "suppositories"!


Deborah Burton said...

Fellow sign addict here . . . me likey!

xo Debi

debsea said...

perfectly beautiful