Thursday, July 16, 2009

Refresh with Paint

Another way of creating more simplicity in my life is embracing more neutral shades of color in our home decor. Creamy whites, that burlap color and maybe a touch of aquamarine here and there are very appealing to me these days. I found this can of antique white paint out in the garage. It was left by the previous owners 12 years ago, and I was really surprised that once it was stirred up, it was in great shape. I covered up some of those “1980s country” colors still lurking on a few things here and there with a light coat of the white. One coat did the trick on a few things. Gone was some brick red, with mustard right behind! And this took no time at all. Now this little side table will be a two-coater.

Two coats of paint, some sanding and a coat of paste wax really didn’t take that much more time.

I’m not missing the former brick red tops on these!


SweetMelissa said...

Nice work! Love the meat grinders in the window too.


Carole said...

That is a sweet table. :-)

I have to admit that I got rid of the dark country colors long ago. I still have color on my walls (dark green in the kitchen - two tones of yellow in the family room - and though right now blue - soon dark red in the living area), but I keep my furnishings neutral, with a shot of color here and there.

Cindy Pestka said...

Oh my goodness...I never would have looked TWICE at that brown 3-tiered table, but I love it with its new look.

Yet ANOTHER reminder why I hang around you guys! said...

paint sure works miracles!