Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Loving Burlap

A year ago, I had no idea how much I would covet a vintage hemp sheet from France. When we shopped the flea markets in Paris and Provence, I was focused on other things on my shopping list. I have been a major fan of Kaari Meng and her business, French General, for a long time. Even after studying both of her first two books, and reading her blog, The Warp and The Weft, hemp sheets still weren't on my radar. Then I was setting the table for a dinner party, and realized I NEEDED said hemp sheet for the perfect effect. They are pricey little suckers. So I started keeping my eye open for good deals on hunks of nubby linen fabric. After some half-hearted attempts at not finding a bargain on linen, I came up with this solution.

I would tea dye a damask tablecloth I already owned, and use burlap as sort of a runner/second layer. Several lifetimes ago, I had a cloth doll business, and tea dyed the muslin for their bodies. It's an easy process, and produced just the look I was after. There is no need to iron damask anymore. I really prefer the soft and rumpled look.

The burlap was easy to find at Jo-Anns. I cut off a long length, washed it and dried it. I am really pleased with the look! And at a cost of under $6.00 for the burlap, really pleased with the cost.

And I must give credit to the KINGS OF BURLAP, the boys of Barn House.


Debi Ward Kennedy said...

'Kings of Burlap'! I love it! They ARE, too.... those aprons they wear are tres' chic.

Deb said...

Love it! I'm helping with an outdoor wedding this summer and the bride wants burlap table runners with fringed ends! Who knew burlap would be so in demand!

krys kirkpatrick said...

Very cool idea. I have looked at burlap also. I like that it frays really well. I have to dying choice is instant coffee. I will pick up some burlap and play with it. Thanks!

Julie said...

Love, love, love the burlap. I am playing with different ways to use it around the house and for event decor. I am going to try the tea dying this weekend on old table cloth and next might try curtains!

Lyneen said...

Love the effect... I have a hunk of burlap... maybe I will use it for one of my dinners!