Friday, June 6, 2008

Thank you kindly!

Here’s one of a couple of thank you gifts I wrapped for two friends of ours. The gift inside the glassine bag (wax paper bags would work equally well) are a small variety of vintage French millinery leaves, with one doing double duty on the outside of the gift. Just fold the top of the bag over and punch two small holes sort of in the center or wherever the mood strikes you. One section of ribbon gets threaded thru the holes, and ties the other pieces of ribbon, lace, leaf and gift card together. I save small segments of ribbons in plastic bags, separated by color. These bags live side by side stored in a big (boring) plastic box in my studio closet. Right on top of the heap. Easy access and a system that works for me. When I receive special ribbons, it is easy to “file” them away – all I have to do is jam them in their color’s bag. I really like the look of crinkled ribbons. I’ve noticed some vendors on Etsy selling ribbons they have crinkled on purpose! The gift tag is a vintage bridge tally card – love those muted colors. -- Beth

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