Friday, June 13, 2008

Mon Dieu! Look at this Garage Sale!

I received some fun pictures from my friend Jill of LeTrip this morning. Vide grenier season in Provence is in full swing! (A vide grenier is a community garage sale.) During our March visit to France, we only had a chance to visit one, and it was a sorry one. These photos were taken in Aix en Provence – just a block from the hotel we stayed in. I’d like to look through that basket of white linens and bring that basket back here while I’m at it!

If it’s any consolation, Jill reports that “a lot of the sales have been happening in hurricane type rains, but once in a while it gets dry here.” Sounds familiar! -- Beth

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cinderelly said...

a garage sale in provence sounds like my idea of heaven!