Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bridal Bliss

At our age, there aren't many invitations to bridal showers for your peers. But leave it to our friend Lois to break all the rules.

She is a long-time garden club/crafting friend who is getting married in July. Today, our friend Pam hosted a bridal shower in her infamous garden of boisterous roses, sturdy hostas and perennials galore. Pam also loves quirky garden art (of course!) and I took a few photos of what caught my eye today...

A chair Pam bought at the studio. This blue is terrific in the garden. Those roses aren't too shabby either.

Planted pots of sedum in vintage drink holders. See the tryke peeking out from behind the poppy heads?

A rusty metal floral medallion tucked behind a lovely orange rose.
Some of the attendees admiring gifts.

Enjoy your garden...and your friends! -- Lisa

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