Saturday, May 9, 2009

Play Date!

Friday was a jewelry play date with Caroline. I had been wanting to try a project I received from Teresa McFayden's Bellarama Ezine. It was a necklace combining velvet ribbon and chains hooked together with a buckle, and added doodads.

Here is our worktable. The delicious pita and hummus was right alongside the other supplies.

Caroline is modeling her necklace.

A picture of my necklace.

It was the perfect way to hang out - we yakked, ate, laughed, and ended up with new pieces of jewelry! -- Beth out for a report of our adventure to Battle Ground today to attend the Barn House Event....12 hours on the road -- too and from and all around --totally worth every minute and every mile!


paris parfait said...

What fun and a beautiful necklace to boot! xo

Karen Fabiano said...

Great necklace CC! Looks like you had a good time playing with the Salvage Studio Gals!