Sunday, May 24, 2009

Garden Art Festival Fabulousness

Our Garden Art Festival at Bountiful Home was a smashing success! We love working with Todd, the owner of Bountiful Home! We love our customers who support us! We love Mother Nature for blessing us with sunshine!

The setting was the backyard nursery area - beautifully maintained, cozy and a joy to spend the day in. Our garden art creations popped when placed against the poppies in bloom, the chives with their little purple heads, and the old fashioned white lilac tree, which customer after customer had to linger under.

We can't thank Todd enough for the opportunity to bring our two customer communities together. We are most grateful for Marilyn handling the check out area, Teeter for sharing samples from Swallow, and to Raoul for manning the holding area and helping people get their treasures to their cars.

Some of our garden art will continue to be available at Bountiful Home - inside and out. The next stop of our road show is Farm Chicks in Spokane June 6 & 7. And if you can't fit that long drive into your schedule, we'll have our garden art available at the Georgetown Garden Tour July 12. Our website will keep you up to date.

It was great fun to see so many of you yesterday!


Barn House said...

Congratulations on a sucessful show! Everything looks terrific!!

Cindy Pestka said...

I'm sorry I had to miss it...I especially love the rusty flowers with the 'jello mold' insides.

Cindy (wondering where she stashed HER jello molds...)