Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kreative Blogger Award

What a nice surprise to find junkermidge’s comment bestowing the Kreativ Blogger award to us. Thank you! Please check out her blog - Having Fun with Junk (and Life in General). She is a kindred junker with a fab-o sounding business.

The receiver of this award must do 4 things:

1.) List 7 things that you love
2.) Link back to the blog that awarded this to you
3.) Choose 7 blogs to pass the award on to
4.) Comment at each of those blogs to let them know you've given them an award

Here we go with our responses.

7 things we love:

Family, friends, our kitties.

A good free pile.

Lisa’s sturdy truck


Trusty Atlas gloves

Deluxe bungee cords

A tasty lunch at Dick’s

7 blogs we would like to pass the award on to:

Artgirl Island – Cindy’s humor and writing is hilarious.

Jill’s Blog – vintage findings and stories from Provence.

Lambsworld – Linda is one of our nicest and most creative customer friends.

DIY – Robj98168 is always sharing his new repurposed creations

Shabbyscraps – Tiffany has an amazing eye for what is beautiful.

Junk Camp – Ki is a rockstar in our junking world.

Barking Dogs – loves her family, pets and her junk.

8 comments: said...

We are planning a trip to WA in lat summer. I would like to visit your shop. Can you tell me the days and time your shop is open? Also, are you involved in events that alter your shop times in late summer? Thanks

Frenchee le Trip (aka Jill) said...

Wow! I am so excited! I would like to thank, firstly, my mother who instilled in me at a young age........well, maybe I'll save that for my blog. Thank you, my Dears, for bestowing this award upon me. I've never won a blog award before....

...and it feels great!

I will tackle my assignment in the morning.

Bisous, mes cheries.

Robj98168 said...

Thank you--- You (sniff) like me you Really Likw me (sniff)
Did that sound sincere?
Really tho gals it is an honor and a privlege to be pointed out by you- my "junk" gurus! Thanks

Barking Dogs said...

Thank you so much for honoring me with this award. I am so flattered


Linda said...

Thank you're too kind!

shabbyscraps said...

thank you so much for the award! That is so sweet! I am glad we will be at SB together this year, you will love it!
I guess I will see you at farm chicks too!
Hope all is goig well....
xoxo, Tiffany

Cindy Pestka said...

Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle! I got me one of them thar fancy internet awards. And to think my high school yearbook caption was "least likely to ever win one of those fancy internet awards". Which was truly prescient given that the internet hadn't been invented yet.

Kim Carney said...

I miss you guys ... will I have to drive to spokane to see you ;)