Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Brosage Creations

Here's some show and tell from our recent brosages workshop. A brosage is a combination of a brooch and a corsage. Don't look for the word in the dictionary. I made it up!

There was a plate of jewelry to select from.

Lots of hand stitching.

Veteran workshop goers like Yvonne always wear their good stuff accessories to our classes.

And here are the works of art.

Each one as gorgeous as can be.


debsea said...

wow, these are so fun, and elegant, and awesome!

ShellinSnohomish said...

Great fun! I love em!

Anonymous said...

love the borsage's, what fun!!

Cindy Pestka said...

I certainly vote for "brosage" to become an official part of our lexicon! And I vote for National Brosage Day! And I vote for "40 acres and a brosage"! Basically, I just vote for fun stuff like brosages!