Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A group of four of us have a special tradition of spending a day touring each other's homes to see their Christmas decorations, with coffee, cookies, lunch, more cookies and presents at our various stops.
Today we will share some photos of Judy's house - the Queen of the Perfectly Edited and Composed Vignette. Every time I leave Judy's house, I feel like I've spent time in this oasis of calm.

A fine collection of enamel pitchers in Judy's kitchen.

Who wouldn't want to wear this necklace?

We all have a crush on this beauty.

Judy created this wreath out of a card holder and fun dibs and dabs.

Happy snowmen! Their faces say it all...

The blue in this crown is made of feathers. Wow!

Judy has a 'thing' for mirrors.

Lisa's gloriously wrapped gift from the girls...check out the tea strainer ornament!

Beth's divine gift wrapped to perfection. Love the vintage photo.
Hope you have enjoyed the tour of Judy's house as much as we did. Tomorrow we get to take a peek at Colleen's house.


Cindy Pestka said...

So much eye candy!!!! Your photographs are FANTASTIC! And so is Judy's house! Top notch!


paris parfait said...

More beautiful things! Thanks for sharing.