Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Decor Galore!

I snapped a few pictures of my favorite Christmas decorations today. I decorate to honor family traditions and highlight what is sentimental to me.

Here's a plate of vintage tree lights - some from our tree when I was growing up and a few recent acquisitions. The Santas are from a house that had survived a fire.

The red locker basket is from Second Use with the perfect red urn found at the Farmchicks sale sitting atop it. Inside the urn are some cones I glittered.

My favorite Christmas kitty (besides Hank and Harry) was made by Lena Staggs, A Happy Miscellany. Red and green Bakelite cutlery pieces share the tray.

A shelf in our family room holds various Santas. I'm pretty tickled with the idea I came up with to hold the tree toppers. Each rests in a small cordial glass.

These Santas are the first vignette to be arranged every year. A local artist, Alice Meyer, created a new design in a small amount each year. My sons were grade school age at the time, and were real troopers about standing in line with me. As soon as we found and paid for our new Santa, we'd head to the baseball card store nearby. Topped off with a Happy Meal, we figured we had a darn fine day together.

A little arrangement of picnic ware with some holiday added.

Tomorrow we'll visit the living and dining rooms. -- Beth

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